Marketing plays a key role in building the asset value of a Centre. But all too often, what’s promised falls far short of what’s delivered. 21Media transforms Centres into brands. And like product brands, each project has decisive moments in its life-cycle.

New Development & Centre Launch

Brands don’t just come to life, they need careful construction. Just as developing a new Centre requires architects and builders, so Marketing needs a clear concept and strategy - followed by the imaginative implementation of the plan.

Refurbishment & Modernisation

Carrying customers and existing tenants with you on the journey to a new-look destination is vital. The right PR, advertising, and events campaign are essential. But it’s equally important to support the Leasing team with a powerful B2B campaign. Potential tenants must be persuaded not just that the refurbished Centre will look great physically, but that its tenant mix will appeal to customers – both old and new.

Restructuring & Repositioning

How customers view your brand is critical. When a retail destination is restructured, it can be a major challenge to change the public’s attitudes. Redefining the brand and communicating what new benefits are key.